Business Areas




From A to Z

With a broad portfolio in this area, we have solutions for dry groceries and we are able to meet the needs of our most demanding customers from the Hotel-Restaurant-Café channel to institutions, food retail, etc.




Wines and spirits


Result of a long partnership with major national and international producers and importers, we have a large range of products available since this area is one of the most important for the company.



More demand cleaning


We have a broad portfolio of market-leading brands such as Novo Real, Clean & Care, Trato Real, and Limpabem.


Frozen products

Smart choice


What is most important is the quality of our meat!

A control over the production ensures this quality and a service adjusted to the demands of our customers.

White pork, black Iberian pork, and veal are some examples of meat prepared in our cutting room.

A range also includes frozen vegetables, fish, and seafood.


Chilled products

Fresh everyday


These products result from processing the carcasses that arrive every day in our cutting room. Meats such as lamb, beef, and pork go through this process and are later vacuum-packed, achieving in this way always fresh products.




Traditional and tasty


The meat processing of Delicatessen Montecampo respects the natural methods and has won a major role in modern cuisine. With pork as the traditional basis of its preparation, Delicatessen Montecampo uses condiments that accentuate its taste and then uses the most advanced techniques of conservation.


Fiscal Warehousing



The Marvanejo Warehouses have a Fiscal Warehouse status for the storage of alcoholic beverages under tax suspension.

This warehouse makes it possible to import and export alcoholic beverages subject to tax in a global market, which is an essential tool in a company's export strategy.