A Trust Relationship!


We are a 100% Portuguese company founded in 1981 that operates in the following 4 main areas: Refrigerated warehousing & Meat Processing, Food, Wines, as well as Cash & Carry. Constant investment has resulted in solid growth and making it possible for us to provide continually better services for our customers.



We operate in a global market and currently export to 3 continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Angola, Mozambique,

Cape Verde, Macau, and China are among the countries where you can find our range of products.

In Portugal we operate from North to South with our own logistics in the districts of Évora, Portalegre, and Beja. In neighbouring Spain we also have operations in Extremadura and Andalusia.



Food Safety

Aware of the importance of Food Safety in this sector, we have implemented a system based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles, which is a logical and straightforward system of a preventive nature applicable to all food production processes used internationally.



We have an extensive fleet prepared to transport our wide range of products with full food safety controlled by a system of electronic reading thermal imagers with a high load capacity per vehicle at 3 temperatures (Positive, Negative, and Room) enabling a daily distribution service with complete assurance of reliability, safety, and reduced delivery times.

Sales Force

We have a specialized team focused on superior customer service both in domestic and international markets. The sales force is equipped with the "m2uMobilesSales" system that allows the client to obtain detailed and accurate information in real time of stocks, deadlines, order status, among other important details.

Operated by GMS/GPRS, this system enables the delivery of orders within 24 hours.